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Healing Chambers Intl.
Since 1993, America's fastest growing free-standing hospital quality dispensaries of HBOT at a fraction of hospital cost!!!

Note to patients: The chambers we use are the most technically advanced  in the World and surround the  patient with 100% medical oxygen within 90-seconds of door seal without masks or hoods. No other hospital-grade ASME-PVHO-1 chamber, with FDA 510-K "clearance" can match this  performance or efficiency. You can rely on our expert technicians to control your environment and  you can relax in comfort with concert quality sound and entertainment.

Most sessions in the chamber are more than 90 minutes and may be up to 120 minutes.  Plenty of time to relax, watch a movie, listen to music and relax while your body gently diffuses in up to 25 times more healing oxygen into all tissue and clear fluids.Hospital standard care at a fraction of the cost. All treatment sessions in the chamber are at your prescribing physician's direction,  treatment pressure and timing of treatment ("Tx.") Your MD Knows best.

Note to referring Primary Care Physicians: Our Centers act as a dispensary for your prescription of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Our Center's Medical Director's role  is to assist you or your patient to  overcome problems that may be vexing and temporary but helped by HBOT.  Our Center's goal is to keep your patient in your care as their Primary Physician.

Call toll-free 1.704.875.7189  to arrange for a no-obligation tour at the nearest HCI center to you . . . we are unable to accept "walk-ins".  Meet our qualified staff, or make an appointment with our medical director.

 Special discounts apply through  ALL of  2012  - YOUR FIRST TREATMENT IS FREE  - All HBOT Tx., including your complimentary first  Tx. must have a physician's Rx

Our Center relies on the responsive judgment of our attending specialists physicians for the most optimal  results for all patients (pediatric, adult, geriatric) for decisions relating to treatment pressures and times. We do not use a "cookie cutter" approach, since every patient is different.  Nor do we copy other practitioner's protocols (e.g., "Harch" protocols) since the needs of the patient may differ or alter during a course of HBOT Tx.



Sandsie's  Blog --Science and patientsbts

 We provide hospital standard hyperbaric sessions at the most competitive prices. Discounts  available for multiple treatments. Because of the decades of experience of our specialist physicians and the skill levels of our certified staff, our San Diego Center regularly treats critical and chronic patients that have been turned away or refused treatment by other less experienced San Diego hyperbaric treatment centers and San Diego hospitals  reluctant to fill physician's orders outside reimbursement guidelines.

Unconscious and intubated  ambulance transport patients from hospitals are an every day event at our Gateway hyperbaric Center. All outcomes have been positive, including coma arousal. The helping hand of HBOT towards recovery has allowed  many patients to return to the hospital environment for rehabilitation and other conventional therapies and some to return to their homes for a regular lifestyle with their loved ones.

Hospital standard care at a fraction of the cost, means that numerous State Agencies refer patients to the San Diego Center .  . .

Come visit our newly renovated luxurious San Diego Clinic -- seven exam rooms, patient's kitchen, three physician's offices, plasma TV for caregivers and little brothers and sisters -- and plenty of the latest movies to while away the time Our Gateway Medical Division shares five-star medical space with pediatricians, sporting specialist, a dialysis center as well as chronic wound care and including  a vascular surgery suite -- two full operating rooms.

Our San Diego Center is recognized  as a "Center of Excellence" and is often featured on national and local television and media . . .



Call our Program Director or our Patient Services Coordinator to arrange for a personal tour.

















Were you looking for information on specific maladies treated at our clinics under the direction of qualified M.D.'s?  . . .  check the buttons at the top of this page or scroll down this page. 
Our specialist physicians have vast experience and we have treated the following maladies:

Lyme Lyme disease, Domonique

Stroke Stroke,

Bones Diseases and trauma to bones,

Autism Autism and children with challenges,

Cancer Support for cancer patients ,

Cosmetic Rapid healing for cosmetic surgery,


Smoke Smoke inhalation, chemical poisoning,

Epilepsy Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders,

Wounds Problem wounds,

Fungus Toxic mold, fungus,  


Dr. Oz - HBOT effect on Alzheimers


Lyme disease, Part 1

HBOT Science,  Part 2.

  There  is much confusion about Lyme disease treatments and many opinions. And  mythology  and misunderstandings about the mechanisms of HBOT - even from physicians and HBOT-technicians. This FREE 90 minute (in two parts)  DVD will present the latest peer-review science -- including the 2008 Fife, et. al., Texas A&M 'pilot' study of 91 Lyme patients and the results of comparison using HBOT  after years of intensive  antibiotic treatment.  Or, you can watch it right now by "clicking" on the yellow box above.

"Part  1"   explains why hospital costs are so high, and so inaccessible to patients and  why MediCare, MediCal, MediCaid and most health insurance companies will not pay for your hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

"Part 2"  explains the mechanism  of action of HBOT, how the body can harness external energy to defeat invaders and heal wounds and conquer chronic illness and restore quality of life.

 Contact us by email or telephone with a mailing address and we will send you your no-obligation free DVD which will play on your computer or DVD (to play on your television).


About Healing Chambers, International . . .

Saving Your Health Care $$$

   Please take the time to view this YouTube presentation by "clicking" on the yellow box above. It will explain hospital costs are so high, and so inaccessible to patients. It will also explain why MediCare, MediCal, MediCaid and most health insurance companies will not pay for your hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

  Healing Chambers International is a guild of Centers with the Mission is to make hyperbaric oxygen therapy ("HBOT") available and affordable to all persons who need it. We are expanding  our affiliated out-patient Centers around the World to ensure that specialist physicians can, if they choose, prescribe HBOT as an adjunct to their usual response to disease and trauma, having full confidence that their orders will be carried out to the high standards of any hospital.


The Centers - elegant and spacious . . .

While the Centers that are associated with "Healing Chambers, International" are independently owned Centers, they are all bound together by common threads.  Because HBOT patients  require many treatment sessions our affiliated  Centers have done their best to create a new style of medicine where both patients and caregivers are relaxed and know  that they matter.

    Our Centers' goal is to achieve optimum recovery for patients with the least amount of HBOT treatment sessions. Our patients  do not  just pay for a "block" of slots of HBOT at one of our Centers and either HBOT  works or it doesn't . . .  we will be here for consultants/adjustments to aid in healing throughout the process and, if-needed, afterwards . . .  it is a relationship.

Our affiliated Centers all have physicians in daily attendance  and we have 24/7 access to our eminent Scientific Advisory Board for specialist advice on the ever-widening groups of maladies that physicians are now referring their patients for HBOT. We can proudly claim that our physicians and staff are the most senior and experienced in HBOT. We provide hospital standard hyperbaric oxygen therapy ("HBOT")  at affordable prices, utilizing the  collective knowledge of an elite group of pedigreed HBOT medical specialists who are part of our Science Advisory Board. More than 100,000treatment sessions have been given to patients at our Centers around the World with a 100% safety record.

Science Advisory  

Questions . . . info@  Responses within 24 hours

For  a light-hearted look at the history of the founder of Healing Chambers International, Robert Lyne-Sands.

 HCI updates this home page on a weekly basis. Enjoy the STOP PRESS releases below.


Science v Mythology   A new Topic --  -- Can "street clothes"  be worn inside a chamber safely instead of "scrubs"? -- the surprising truth

Click button above for an informative YouTube presentation


Oxygen Toxicity  A new Topic -- -- does breathing molecular oxygen place patients at risk?

Lyme co-infections HATE oxygen A new Topic -- -- The myth of pathogens "loving oxygen" debunked by medical science.


 Is HBOT a useful adjunctive therapy to support chemo' and radiation cancer patients? The oncologists seem to think so.

November 2008 -- CBS Jeff Zeverly reports on new specialist physician's  acceptance of hyperbaric oxygen therapy  at our San Diego Center.  HBOT is being used to support acute lymphoblastic leukemia patients by way of a supportive therapy while they are undergoing chemotherapy




 Does HBOT support healing in a wide variety of ailments and maladies? Autism? Lyme disease? M.D. referrals and the results.

FOX TV's Sherri Palmeri reported on hyperbaric oxygen therapy  at our San Diego Center.  Lyme disease and Autism, two of the many maladies that M.D.'s are now using HBOT to treat.

Two patients return to quality of life . . .  View




HBOT MIRACLE --Trauma  patient Shayna . . .

Crush amputation of three fingers of primary hand. "Five days before Christmas the incident happened. A rope was being passed through the horse-trailer window and I was told to grab it. At that moment, the horse inside the trailer backed up and my fingers were evulsed off my hand between the rope and the horizontal bars of the window. Ouch. I thought I had smashed my finger-nails. My glove filled and gushed blood so I was rushed to the hospital. When the trauma team removed my glove all three fingers had been crushed. Two were down to the bone."

When a Bad day gets worse . . .
  "The surgeons did a wonderful job reattaching two of my fingers as this photo taken on Christmas Day shows. But by New Years Eve, the surgery results were questionable as my fingers were struggling with lack of vein growth and I was told that in order to save my hand, additional amputation was possible . . . As a leftie, that would mean the end of my medical career."

Christmas Day and full of high hopes for success. However, five days later, the wound turned bad and Shayna was given a week for a miracle to take place in her fingers. She contacted World renowned hyperbaric specialist Dr. Fred Cramer who advised immediate BID HBOT Tx at 3 ata. Shayna travelled to our San Diego Center.

Could Shayna defy the odds and keep her hand and the use of the reattached  fingers? Be warned . . . Not for the squeamish!!  With the ups and downs in Shayna's life, it all turned out well. She did become the Miracle of 2009!    View


HBOT MIRACLE  - Leukemia patient Carson . . .


Invaded and ravaged  by a "man-eating plant"


October  2006, 6-year old Carson was diagnosed with Leukemia and treated at San Diego Children's Hospital. A deadly fungus  -- disseminated mucormycosis -- invaded this tiny 46 lb body and in a ten day period, surgeons had to remove Carson's spleen, one kidney and most of his colon to keep him alive. As the fungus continued its rapid and relentless invasion of Carson, surgeons planned to remove one lung and Carson's stomach. Our San Diego Center was contacted because other hospital based HBOT  centers declined to treat Carson.

According to his oncologist, Carson was not expected to survive surgery. With everything to gain, Carson was transported to our S.D. Center each day accompanied by a high-tech medical team for HBOT sessions.

To find out what became of Carson . . .  View






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